Laptop screen flickering and changing colors (red)

Oct 4, 2013
Hello. My father has a HP Pavilion g7 series laptop. He's had it for a few years now and when he adjusts the screen the picture will flicker and oftentimes the color will distort. He wants me to look into a new laptop but I want to try and fix it first. Thing is, I want to know if it's worth trying to fix if I have to replace the monitor because I'm worried they don't make the monitors anymore as the laptop is 5 years old or so. I guess I could start by simply checking the cables and seeing if that fixes it...

If indeed it is a screen hardware issue, new screens are available for 5-year old laptops and even older ones from dozens of online vendors if you know the part number and how to fit it. Or how about an external monitor if the laptop has an external graphics port? (admittedly no good for 'on the move' use though).