Laptop screen turns black while touching the mousepad opening the laptop after many days.

Jul 12, 2019
My laptop is a HP Pavilion Model. I am facing a problem with it. I was busy for a time, i couldn't make time to open my laptop for like one month. But after opening today, i am facing it. After the laptop turns on, when touching the mousepad with two of my fingers for scrolling (not one finger to remove cursor), the screen turns black and doesn't turn on, but the laptop is still on. If i touch the mousepad again,it turns on. Again trying to scroll, with the mousepad, it turns black again. After restarting laptop, it gets fixed. Actually, I faced this problem several times,but not most often. Opening the laptop after a quiet amount of time, the laptop screen gets black if i try to scroll with the mousepad. Restarting fixes the problem and it doesn't happen if i use the laptop often and don't give a big break opening the laptop. My laptop is almost new. I am quiet worried about this.
Whats the reason of it? is it related to hardware issues like mousepad or screen, or display driver problem, or anything else?
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