Laptop shut off after plugging in Cool Master cooling pad


May 13, 2014
Hi I was wondering if anybody knew why my new Dell Inspiron 13 7000 shut off after plugging in my Cool Master notepal x-slim II. After it suddenly shut off I wasn't able to turn my laptop back on for about 5 minutes. I have used this cooling pad on my laptop before with no issues. I tested to see if maybe the cooling pad was broken by plugging it into my old laptop and it worked normally.
Not enough info to accurately diagnose.

The cooling pad is USB powered, right?

Gut impression on it though, would be voltages being tripped. Any detection of voltage being sent back to the USB port can result in the USB ports shutting off to protect itself. Depending on the implementation, this may well extend to the entire laptop.

A little strange that it works on another laptop without issue though.
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