Laptop shuts off 3 seconds after turning it on.


Sep 4, 2014
My laptop (Alienware 17) shut off while I was playing a game, and since then every time I've tried to turn it on it just shuts straight back off within seconds. The lights come on and the fan starts spinning but the screen stays black. I've tried disconnecting the battery and just running it off the power cord but I'm getting the exact same thing. I've also tried removing one of the memory modules and seeing if that helps, and when doing that it stays on, but beeps 4 times in a row over and over again. Looking over threads with similar issues didn't really get me anywhere either. Any help or advice you have to offer is greatly appreciated.
Sep 15, 2014

the 4 beeps are probably the beep code for Ram, as for it not booting, can you access the BIOS?