Laptop shuts off immediately after I power it on?


Jul 17, 2015
My Toshiba satellite p50 laptop, under 100% cpu usage, was getting cpu temp readings of 90 degrees Celsius. (Idled at 50) I was worried, so I decided to clean out the fans and replace thermal paste.

After doing that and reassembling, I pressed the power button. It turned on, showed all led's, and the fan maxed out. But it immediately shuts off a second later, before it even gets to a boot screen.

I've tried multiple methods to fix it, including removing the battery and running off cable, and reseating most of the components.

I'm led the believe either the motherboard or cpu is the culprit. Any suggestions? Is my laptop finished? That's a shame because it had an i7 processor, and a decent gpu chip.


Sep 14, 2012
My first instinct is that something isn't connected correctly and the safety shuts things off.

But I'm assuming that was your first instinct as well and you've double and triple checked whether everything is back in its proper place, correct?
Including things you might have bumped into re-seating the heat sink or connecting stuff.


Jul 17, 2015

I tried unplugging and replugging most of the cables I saw, but I'll try reseating most of the components again. I unscrewed the fan, cleaned it, vacuumed it, removed most of the dust, wiped the thermal paste with Clorox wipes, and wiped away the moistness with a soft cloth. Then added a dab of thermal paste, and placed the heatsink/fan back on, and screwed. I was fairly sure I was grounded as I was in contact with the metal casing.
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