laptop shuts off without warning(only on battery)


Aug 14, 2016
i have 2 year old hp laptop
hp r118ne
i just bought a new battery. was working fine.this is a local battery not original and i cant buy a original one.
first time my laptop shut off on 70 something % charge. i pressed the power button it booted normally. i used the rest of the charge after two battery shut off on 72% charge.
the weird thing is after it shut off it booted normally.
this cant be a battery issue
and my laptop temps are fine.
so why it is shutting off??
and sometimes it is having hard time returning from hibernation
one last note it was on sleep for nearly 3 hours before i expereined the shutdown.
If its not the battery, then it could be the power jack itself. It could be that it is overcharging the laptop without you even knowing. Also it is not a good idea to buy laptops that are not designed for your laptop. Always make sure the battery is suitable for you model and that it is bought from a reliable seller.