Laptop shutting down on its own after a few seconds.


Feb 28, 2014
Hello, I was looking for some help regarding my laptop, just recently it was working fine without any problems at all but now when I turn it on the power just cuts off on its own and its basically lights out from there on. Although, if I get a chance to enter the setup menu (F2 or F12) and start it from there it seems to boot just fine.

I have tried a method that worked once after doing it, which was disconnecting all the power wires from the laptop and pressing the power down for around 30 seconds or more. I tried it once and it worked fine after doing it, but it didn't work again the following day.

Just today I tried re-booting it again and I managed to enter the setup menu and got it going, I even restarted it a few times without going through the setup menu and it worked like a dream, but after leaving it for a few hours it just started shutting down on its own after a few seconds.

I use an acer 6930g which I have used for a few years for numerous purposes (gaming mostly). Please help me, any suggestions would be great!

Thank you!