Laptop Sound Absent When Plugging in Headphones


Jan 8, 2015
I just recently woke my laptop from sleep mode, plugged my headphones in, tried to watch a movie, and the sound had disappeared. No sound whatsoever. And no, it wasn't muted - everything was maxed out.

So I decided to restart my laptop (note that this SAME thing happened a couple of days ago and after restarting the issue seemed to resolve itself), and the sound returned when I used the built in beats audio speakers from my laptop. Then, thinking the problem was solved, I went to watch the movie again and put my headphones in again and boom! NO SOUND. AGAIN. And it's not the headphones that are the issue. I just tried them with my phone and they play very well. And it ain't the movie either.

Please also note that even after unplugging my headphones so to engage my laptop's built in audio speakers, there is still no sound. And I don't think I should have to restart my laptop a second time for the audio to start working again.

Also, to make matters worse, I just tried to fix the problem myself by going to Hardware and Sound, then to Manage Audio Devices, and the speakers which were there I thought it would be worth trying disabling and then re-enabling them. However after disabling them, they've disappeared! Now I'm missing my speakers from the audio devices menu thing! This is a brand new laptop and it's turning out to be a total nightmare.

Will I have to reinstall drivers or something? HP is saying I'm all up to date...

Frustration doesn't quite do justice to how I feel right now.

Please if anyone has any advice on what the hell is wrong with my stupid laptop (or perhaps my stupid self) please let me know!

Thank you in advance

UPDATE: I managed to re-enable my speakers, meaning I've simply located the thing I disabled, but the sound still has not returned.


Jan 8, 2015
Restarted it and it now seems to be working okay. No doubt in a couple days it'll do the same thing again at which point I'll be contacting HP in a very, very unpleasant mood.
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