Laptop start up repair everytime


Oct 22, 2017
My laptop is Asus x42j. It's 4 years old. And now it showing some errors. When I start up it shows me windows loading screen and then shows windows cannot repair error. I tried everything by disk repair disc. Booting with is disk. Etc. All are not working safe mode not working. It only shows boot manager error. A recent software or hardware caused the problem. Then I reinstalled the os. After reinstalling it working fine. But next day when I start the laptop it shows me the windows loading screen and the windows repair error again and again. Is my HDD corrupted.? my DVD drive is also not working but its OK. Only USB booting is working. I don't know what's going on. I never get this type of errors. I solved my problems earlier but this is weird. I have reinstalled the OS lots of time with USB stick


Best thing to do is replace the drive and drive a clean Windows setup again. You can boot off a utility disk and do a drive check, but there are times where the drive check software reports the drive as good, when it still does not work unless you replace it. May as well save some time and just get a new drive. You can get a cheap used SATA platter drive for like $15 or a solid state for a bit more.
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