Question Laptop start without a screen and turn off immediately within 2-3 seconds

Aug 19, 2021
Hello Team,

I own a HP elitebook 745 G2 AMD laptop. I have had this for more than 10 months and now strangely from the last 2 months facing a very weird issue.

It has no problems while the laptop is turned on and working and infact played games on it for 10 months without any issues and also it never crashed during on.

However, whenever I turn off my laptop and try to on it the next day it just doesnt turn on. It doesnt always happen. Some day turn on and someday doesnt. Works for 2-3 days all fine and then again the same problem.

On pressing the switch button, the laptop switch button turns on along with the indicator leds without any screen or fan and within 3-4 seconds the laptop turns off blinking off on the caps lock in an instant. (please watch the video attached).


Tried the following fixes -

1.The laptop worked when I took a technician hence, technician tried resetting the bios still the same issue.

2. Tried Win + B key

3. Tried removing the battery and directly trying to boot from the power charger.

4. Tried powering from the battery.

5. Tried reseating and cleaing the ram. Infact bought two new rams suspecting any ram issues.

6. Tried reinserting the CMOS battery.

7. Kept the bios settings as (Turn on
automatically on charger input).

8. Kept the drivers up to date.

9. Tried changing the hard drive.

10. Tried downgrading from Win 10 to Win 8.1.

I am working from home and my job is completely dependent on it. Please help! I am attaching the video to show how it is behaving.

I am completely helpless. I request to please help!

Thank you all alot for the help in advance.
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