Laptop still on after shutting down (black screen)


Jun 12, 2015
Hi everyone! So, last night, I turned my Asus N56VJ laptop off, and I woke up today to find that the laptop was still on, but the screen was black. I could still move my mouse around the black screen, control the brightness with the f-keys, and that the light by the light bulb below the track pad was still on. After seeing the black screen and that nothing was happening, I forced my laptop off by holding down the power button. When I turned it back on, everything was fine, but it took a little longer to boot up. Does anyone know a reason this could have happened? Any help would be appreciated!


Dec 16, 2014
it can be a lot of things, a program preventing shutdown. an error in windows self. you can check the windows log files for errors if you want a more detailed report on what happened.

how to obtain the logfiles (IF YOUR SYSTEM IS ENGLISH)

open start, search for event viewer.
under programs there will be an application called that
open that and there are all the logs, you can make a filter etc, its pretty straightforward.
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