laptop stock at boot!


Apr 13, 2014
i dont know what is the right title to this post because i dont know what kind of problem do my laptop have,anyway my laptop wont boot in windows it just stock in black screen with this kind of error>>>>

i try to choose the last known configuration option and start windows normally but it just came back to that error

i already try to reset it using factory recovery but the progress wont finish even if i wait long for more that 3 hours, i try to format also but i cant continue because of this error>>>


Saga Lout

Olde English
Looks like your hard disk isn't showing up so you need to go in and check it's properly connected. On the base of the laptop, there might be a small removeable hatch with a graphic of a stack of three round disks indicating its the hatch with the hard disk underneath. Touch it an dpower on - does it spin?
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