Laptop suddenly extremely slow and unresponsive

Nov 9, 2018
Hello everyone! Been having an issue since Wednesday afternoon. Beware this a very long post as I try to give a detail eplanaion. Here is my laptop and it’s specs

MSI gv62 8rd Windows 10

8Gb ram, 16gb optane memory
I5-8300h 2.4GHz
Gtx 1050 TI

It is under warranty but msi told me that it’ll be between $70-$100 to send it to them and I assume it’ll be a few weeks before I get it back. as a college student the mail tag is real hefty and I have a lot of big papers to work on in the coming weeks and submit so I need that laptop asap.

(Before you ask I did a full virus scan with bitdefender and later on avast and both came out clean)

On Wednesday morning (PST) I began to download ark survival evolved on steam as it was free for the week. Normally a 20GB download i finish in 1-2 hours. This took almost 6 hours and was taking high disk usage. Upon finishing it I launched it and then my system grinded to halt and became extremely unresponsive. I ended up having to hold the power button down and turn it off like that. I turned it back on and got to the msi splash screen where it got stuck on a loop, it never advanced to the windows log in screen Even after 10 minutes. I have 16gb of optane memory and am usually completely logged in within 10 seconds of turning the system on. I manually turn it off. This relates about 3 times total before I boot into advanced start. I tried running chkdsk but every time the scan kicked off I got a driver pnp watchdog blue screen. I could not run sfc scannow either.

Eventually I went to try and do a msi factory reset. Every time I started the reset i got “waiting” for a few minutes before the same watchdog blue screen error. Then I went to do a windows 10 factory reset. Removed all files. This took an excessive amount of time, I left it on over night and installed windows in the morning. Went through windows installation without a problem. Upon getting back to going about and setting up my system I got a very slow and unresponsive lag spike every couple of seconds with very high cpu and disk usage from processes called service and wsappx cpu temp was rapidly fluctuating between 40-92. Eventually that subsided and cpu temp was stable at 45-50. I went to reinstall steam and installed a small 1GB game and that took a bit longer than expected but system seemed fine. Went to install a 20GB game and as I expected the system came to a grinding halt as if all it’s resources were put under strain. It was not even downloading most of the time. Just making the system extremely unresponsive. It even took a full minute for me to be able to exit steam and stop the process. I then went to shut down my laptop. It took 6 minutes for the laptop to fully shut down (most of the time it was a black screen). Since then I am getting extremely long boot times and frustratingly slow system. It takes forever just to get to the windows log in screen. A few times the system seemed to be working just fine and in that time I managed to run chkdsk /f /r and it all came back fine. When I tried sfc scannow now it says it could not perform operation. However I used cleaner to clean up the registry and then I degfragged the drive (hard drive is partitioned into C and D. It just came that way from Msi). I also ran windows memeory diagnostics and that came back just fine.

However I notice that whenever I plug in the battery charger everything gets extremely laggy and slow again. As well as any scan going on (defrag, opening gmail, anything) just freezes and the system is just done for. Unplugging doesn’t help, I just have to turn it off manually. (I am very concerned about the times I have had to turn the system off by holding down the power button)

I turned off my laptop to go to class and when I came back, I got an infinite loop at the msi screen again. And when I booted into advanced start up it took me a solid 8 minutes with a black screen most of the time. Have been able to get to the windows log in screen butsfter excessively long boot times and even then it’s taking many minutes for log in to happen and for me to be able to do anything.

So this is as detailed as I can get for my problem. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I’ve spent the last two days pouring over forums and following everything there but to no avail. I’m honestly at my whits end. I suspect maybe hard drive failure? My parents said they would get me an ssd over thanksgiving which would be great. However, if the problem is not a faulty hard drive then please help me out here. I contacted msi support and all the didnwas try to get me to spend $35 on a usb with Windows media recovery. Or $100 to send it back, but with so much important school work in the next few weeks I can’t afford to not have a laptop that long.

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