Question laptop suddenly shut down and wont turn on

Aug 2, 2019
i was studying on my laptop when all of a sudden it turned off
i tried turning it on again but nothing happened
i plugged in the charger and the led panel lit up i tried to turn it on then the panel shut down for 1 secs then it returned (i did this 5 or 6 times)
then i opened it and took out the battery and plugged in the charger but it didnt do anything then
then i reinstalled the battery and plugged int the charger with no avail then it blinked once then it stopped repsonding no matter what i do

extra info: i dont know if this is relevant but the hinges of the laptop were falling apart and the display kept flinking it shut down while i was moving the screen in order to stabilize the display when it happened also im using a dell 7559
Jul 15, 2019
You could try looking under neath inside for the cmos battery. Take it out and short the plus and minus terminals.
Make sure AC and battery are out of laptop first.
Then put cmos battery back and try again.
Aug 4, 2019
Hi, Try it by releasing the static power. And also you said, flickering screen, see if its actually the power issue and not the screen by wiggling the screen, feel if the fan is moving or not.
Aug 2, 2019
Hi, Try it by releasing the static power. And also you said, flickering screen, see if its actually the power issue and not the screen by wiggling the screen, feel if the fan is moving or not.
Releasing static by removing battery and holding down power button ? If so I did that already
The flickering screen wasnt completely turned off it just went black when I moved it not the black it does when turned off but the black when it has no signal
The fan doesnt do anything neither does any part of the laptop unfortunately
Thanks for the suggestions and pls if you have anymore then tell me
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