Solved! laptop to TV through AV receiver?

Nov 8, 2018
Hoping to get some help understanding how I can best connect an external hard drive to my laptop, the laptop to a receiver (receiver has Bluetooth and WiFi), the receiver to the TV so that I can watch movies that are stored in the hard drive.
Thank you!
If your receiver supports streaming (check for "DLNA" support), you can keep your laptop where it is, and install a DLNA server (many people recommend Plex, but there are many others). Otherwise, plug laptop directly into receiver, mirror its screen, and use wireless keyboard/mouse combo to drive it.

Another option is to use eg Chromecast plugged into the receiver, and cast movies from the laptop.
Alabalcho's advise is the simplest way but I would set the TV as a 2nd display or extended desktop rather than mirror the laptop screen. That won't let you adjust the screen resolution independently. I also find that I like having the laptop screen available. For instance you can have VLC running on the TV and be looking at the files on the drive at the same time.
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