Laptop (too good to be true?)

The Real Ket

Oct 24, 2016
I'm looking in a Sam's Club (yes I know sam's club is the last place to look for a good computer) one day sale thing on November 12 and I found these specs. (Everyday $949 | Event $599)
HP Pavilion (15.6")
-7th Gen i7
-16 GB ram
-Nvidia GeForce 940MX (4gb)
-Windows 10 Home
-HD Webcam
-Backlit keyboard

If this isn't false advertisement then I've either robbed Sam's Club for the money or the 940mx is shit. This confused me because I tried to find this laptop online and I didn't find it on HP's website or an other ones. Could this be an exclusive laptop to Sam's Club or something?
Something similar to this?

I know it's not exact, but definitely along the same lines.

Walmart are selling it for $700....

The 940MX is a DDR3 card..... essentially an overclocked 940M. Doesn't appear to be horrible, definitely a step up over that i7's HD520, but nothing particularly 'great; either.