Laptop turns on but does not start up.


Aug 2, 2015
Hey there, yesterday night I committed there terrible sin of dropping my laptop. So, I picked it up, any damage looked minimal, a little crack near the front right below the keyboard. The episode of twin peaks my wife and I were watching on Netflix was still playing. No wierd noises, everything seemed fine. I put it in sleep mode later.

Next day, open it up and the laptop starts up, but the screen never lights up. I restart it, and same thing, fan runs, led comes on, but screen never comes on and no sounds ever come up to signify any boot up process. I'd like to fix the laptop myself if possible to avoid repair fees. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've seen slightly similar cases on other forums, and I've Serbs suggestions to try and remove and reinsert the memory card, but I want to be sure before I start tearing things out of my computer. Thanks!


Jul 31, 2014
Hey there, Twbrown0144.

Does your laptop have an SSD or an HDD? Because if it's an HDD, there's a great chance that it might have been badly damaged, having in mind it was still ON when you dropped it. I'd recommend that you take out the drive and try it with a different computer to see if everything's working fine, by testing it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostics tool. Note that even if it turns out to be fine, there still might be other components which might've been damaged, so I'd strongly recommend that you take it to a service shop.

Hope that helps.
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