laptop turns on then off suddenly after opening the lid


May 14, 2016
I have a toshiba satellite A665 , in settings closing the lid sleeps the laptop...when i reopen the lid the laptop turns on for about 3 seconds and the fan works hard that i can hear it much then the laptop turns off suddenly...if anyone can help me that would be great i'd really appreciate it!

Snipars Blade

Aug 17, 2015
This happens when your computer goes into sleep mode, it takes a little bit to get a computer into its sleep mode depending on the computer. If you reopen it as soon as you close it, it will still go to sleep while the lid was just reopened.

If you don't want the computer to go into sleep mode then you can go to your power settings to just turn that setting off.

If you mean the screen turns on then cuts out, then I cannot help you there.
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