Laptop under $500 need suggestions


Jul 29, 2010
Hi there,
I'm looking for a great laptop that is under $500. I will use it for streaming/surfing/movies/school work. Something that is lightweight/long battery life/medium size screen. I would like to prefer Intel CPU as well.

Sorry so much demands on what I'm looking for but I'm not really good at picking out laptops so that's why I'm here and asking you guys that I can rely on. Well that's all thanks in advance! Hope to hear from you people soon!
You want a "great" laptop under $500 and I want a unicorn that farts rainbows...

You can get some laptops under $500, but they won't be lightweight nor have great battery life, and will have reduced screen resolution. You can kiss i3 chips and up away too. For $600 you can find decent ones, and for $800+ you can get some pretty damn good ones

How about running Office? ;)

Unless "school work" is just research and writing reports, you'll usually need a real OS. For engineers, art majors, and any science major, chromeOS is not an option!