Laptop Using Wrong GPU

Aug 30, 2018
Hello, currently my laptop is not using the dedicated GPU (Nvidia GTX 1060) and is instead using the integrated Intel 670. I have gone into Nvidia Control Panel and done all the stuff there I can, changing the global settings, app settings, and everything, but nothing works.
Although, on my second monitor that I have connected to my laptop it is using my GTX 1060, so it runs everything much better.
I know you said you went into its control panel, but you didn't mention doing the following...

First you need to get it to detect and use the right card.

A. Uninstall, and then reinstall, the latest graphics card driver.
B. Make sure that your Nvidia graphics card is set as the default graphics card.

Here's the steps on how to set it to default.

1. Open the "Nvidia Control Panel".
2. Select "Manage 3D Settings" under 3D Settings.
3. Click on the "Program Settings" tab and select the program you want to choose a graphics card for from the drop down list.
4. Now select "preferred graphics processor" in the drop down list. (You can see what the automatic option is listed as global setting) If you want to use the dedicated graphics card, select High-performance Nvidia processor.

Once it is running on the right one, test the system again and see if the problem persists.
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