Laptop video and audio stuck


Dec 11, 2014
So here is the deal - i have this Acer Aspire 5742G for like 3-4 years now and it was all good while it still had insurance. However one day while i was playing game it started buzzing every 3-4 sec for about 1-2 sec and also stuck the video. Restarted my laptop to see if it was just game issue but it didnt go away. I noticed that in some games it will do that to my graphic (and fps would drop to 0 for a second) and in others it would do that to my audio. It even made background sound of some games louder than the narrative etc. Thinking it is software issue i made clean install of my windows, also reinstalled the games which had problems (some games didnt have problem... like league of legends). Even now (after more than 10 OS reinstalls and tested newer/older drivers it still does that thing. I ran rests with AIDA64 to test my laptop but it sais all is fine... windows error log did not led me to anything either. The tech guys from Acer at my region said they have no idea what is causing the problem and cant help me much.
My laptop parameters are: Intel Core i3-380M 2.53GHz; 4GB DDR3 RAM; 3MB L3 Cache; Nvidia GeForce GT 520M GPU with 1GB memory
Wow... my post must have been realy confusing since i got no answer in all that time @.@
anyways ill put that more clear on details: Right now i have this laptop (look at the spoiler) that DOES NOT overheat, or atleast i cant sense that. In some games i experience fps drop, in others not.
for example when i play Lineage II i constantly get fps drops (to 0 ever 4-5 sec or when i use some skill ingame) and when i play Dragon age Inquisition i have no issues, when i play League of legends the fps drop randomly occur after 20min of play (always after 20min).
Its not from the games as i reinstalled them, its not the OS (same reason), not driver issue as i tryed several different ones (including the ones on the cd i have, its not hardware failure (according to the tests i made)
So... what could possibly it be??? I opened my laptop to clean it from the dust - it was clean (i always have it on cooling pad and regulary use compressed air to clean it) the only thing i saw when i opened it was a little "scar" on the board that looked like burned with heated object, but there is nothing that heats up near it. Can that be the reason?



It is quite possible, can you post a picture?


Dec 11, 2014
hmmm ill make a photo and upload it here tonight. but im guessing if it is from that i might have to consider some change of the laptop. i would go for PC but i move alot so for now i prefer the laptop. ive heared of some sort of additional box with own gpu heater and power supply that i can plug into the usb. will that ease the problem?
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