Laptop videos sporadically not working (plus audio issues)

Dec 6, 2018
I have an HP Pavilion that I've had for only a year. Ever since getting it I've had problems with it, but have just tried to troubleshoot them (I should have just returned it).

Firstly, I watch a lot of videos online (Chrome). I can be watching a video, then I leave my laptop to go to sleep or close it and it goes into hibernation mode, but when I come back to watch the video, I'll have a playback error. I'll go to Facebook to watch a video and it just never plays. I'll open a video from my files and that won't play either. I have to restart my laptop constantly to be able to watch videos. Why is this happening?

Secondly, my sound will start cutting out so it's just choppy, and it always seems to happen when using Skype. Skype calls will usually be fine and I'll have no issue, but sometimes, mid-call, the volume seems to decrease so I can barely hear the other person, and then it just goes choppy so instead of hearing "What are you doing today?" I'm hearing "Wh-..a-.. y-.. do-.. to-..", for example. I'll then go to Youtube or open a video and it's having the same audio issue, so (again) I have to restart.

I run CCleaner often, as well as MalwareBytes. My Flash and Shockwave are up to date and I've checked to see if all my drivers are up to date too.

Any suggestions?
Still holding onto hope that someone has an answer..