Laptop wakes shortly after standby / hibernation

Gene Razak

Oct 11, 2012

I know this is crops up a lot but none of the threads I found here or elsewhere were able to solve my problem.

My notebook (Lenovo Thinkpad T530, Win7 Professional) wakes up a few minutes after being sent into standby or hibernation. This started just a couple of days ago; I've been using hibernation for two years on this laptop without problems.

Things I've tried:
- Turning Wake on Lan off (actually did that years ago)
- Disabling network adapter (wireless) before hibernation
- Disconnecting USB devices (only mouse)
- Complete virus scan (MS Security Essentials)
- Complete malware scan (Spybot SD)
- Checked the windows scheduler (A guide specifically mentioned windows media centre but it's not set to update. I started going through everything but to be honest there are too many entries to check without knowing what to look for)
- Checked powercfg -lastwake in command prompt (run in admin mode)

Apparently powercfg doesn't recognise anything that might trigger a wakeup (including the mouse when connected), always showing this:

Wake history count - 1
Wake history [0]
Wake source count - 0

Recent changes I've made:
- Installed EA Origin (not running it though) and Battlefield 3 (already uninstalled)
- Installed Starcraft 2 (Bnet client was already installed. Closing it before hibernation had no effect)
- Removed and hid the Windows update which put the Win10 update prompt in the system tray

Other notes:
- Lenovo and Windows updates are routinely run so software should be up to date. I'm not aware of any recent Lenovo updates that might have triggered this (i.e. there were no recent updates at all)
- Windows update is set to install only when the computer is shut down
- Regular virus scan is set for Sunday noon (recently changed from Sunday nighht but it never caused a wake-up before)

I'd welcome any ideas as to what else might be causing this and how I might fix the issue.

Thank you in advance,

Gene Razak

Oct 11, 2012

Thanks. My last backup is too old to go back just for this - that'll teach me - and switching the antivirus software off didn't help.

I've managed to fix it now and suspect something may have gone wrong with the power manager settings. After setting it to never go to sleep when idle or the laptop is closed it seems to stay asleep.

For anyone else who has the same problem and finds this thread, I found this article very useful in figuring out what the cause is.
For laptop users I'd also add that if you check the event manager and it shows lots of wake event with an unknown cause that's probably you opening / closing your laptop. Try changing the settings so closing the laptop does nothing and send it to sleep by other means. Maybe that'll help you.