Laptop will turn on after a few attempts

Mar 7, 2018
Hi. My laptop (ASUS X555LF) will turn on after a few attempts. I press the power button and nothing happens.

When laptop is plugged in the battery diode doesnt light. I have to press the powet button for 20+ sec. (more times) or sometimes I have to press the button fast 5+ times in a row. Then laptop turns on and the diode is normally lighting. Battery in laptop is okay, charger too.

Is something wrong on the mother board? What should I do now?
Thank you.


Mar 1, 2018
Sounds like motherboard issue, i had few HP laptops which turn 1/3 time on and 2/3 black screens with fan spinning. But you say pressing multiple times make it boot, never heard of this one. Try good old hard reset, take battery out and also power cable off. Press power button for 1 full minute. Put only power cable back not batterY. Try to boot

Corrupt bios wont do this unless EC bios is affected which controls all lights like power and battery led. Still you could try flash EC bios with rollback bios update. This might not flash the part which is corrupted (if it even is)

Update this version : BIOS 508 , Update EC FW
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