Laptop with Broken Screen Won't Connect with an External Monitor

Sep 6, 2018
I have a laptop with a broken screen so I have to connect to an external monitor to use it. I initially was able to connect to an external monitor after trying some stuff. However after a power outage while using the laptop, I proceed to sleep just to wake up and find that my external monitor isn't working again. It shows either "No Signal" or "No Cable Connected".

Here are the things I've tried.
1. Trying different monitors and cables (They work before the power outage and still works on a different laptop)
2. Pressing Window + P
3. Removing the battery and hard resetting the laptop
4. Pressing the shortcut button for duplicating monitor (Which doesn't work even before)

I'm using Sony VAIO E Series Laptop with Window 7. I think the problem might have been because before the power outage I've been trying different screen resolution to work with my laptop. With that said, if someone could help me log-in from my laptop I could try changing the resolution since there's still a portion of the screen that I could see.
Pressing "Enter" then entering the password doesn't log me in so maybe I'm pressing the wrong shortcut to enter to my account but pressing "Enter" then the password works with my other laptop so I don't know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Turn on the laptop then quickly close the lid, the system may detect the external screen as the primary and send a signal to it. You can try to disconnect the screen from the motherboard and try with the external monitor. Past that, you need to fix the screen or you have a brick.

You may be able to remote into the system using another computer and see if maybe it needs a driver re-installed. Check your router for connected devices, using the IP of the laptop you can use the remote terminal program mstsc to connect to it.
Sep 6, 2018
I've tried turning the laptop then quickly closing the lid, but it doesn't work. The external monitor worked before, but after changing the screen resolution it just doesn't detect it. That said, I am having trouble logging in and trying to change the screen resolution again. Pressing "enter" then typing the password doesn't log me in. If I could just log-in there is still a portion of the screen of my laptop which I could use to change the resolution. Thank you
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