Laptop with combined jack and headphones with combined jack...still doesn't work


Jun 22, 2017
So here is a situation which'll probably make me look stupid:
I have an Acer aspiref5-573G-52DJ laptop and a Trust GXT 330, both having a combined 3.5mm jack.
Problem is, whenever I plug in the headphones, the playback works just fine, but the microphone doesn't.
I checked the sound panel's recording tab, and even with disabling the front panel's mic, it still doesn't recognise the headset's.
I checked the HD audio manager, but again, nothing helped there.
I updated drivers, still nothing.
What else is there to do, knowing that there are no contact problems with the jack and the input?
Sadly, some so called dual jacks, aren't dual, or they just don't work correctly. A flaw in many laptops. It may well actually be output only. Even if the specs say differently. Also, if it doesn't say that on the specs, then it may well never have been a dual (input/output) but just a single output only.

Either way, a resolution is needed. You can....

1. If it is supposed to be dual but isn't (per the specs, not just assuming it is), contact the manufacturer as they are responsible for getting you a product with the listed options.

2. If it isn't supposed to have a dual one (not in the specs) then you would either need to ...

2a. Use the built in microphone (which I know is a pain as they are often not nearly good enough.

2b. Get an adapter so you can use your headset/mic combo through a USB port (something similar to this...

2c. Get a different headset/mic combo that comes with a USB connection rather than a 3.5mm one.

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