Laptop with decent specs works slow and lags


May 15, 2015
Hi Everyone. (New to this forum)
I have a ASUS S400CA. (4GB, 500GB HDD, Intel 3rd Generation i7)
I bought it in July 14 and it's has never worked to well. It always lags and when initially started, it takes Chrome 15 seconds to load. I know the laptop specs are decent but then also it's not working as smooth as expected. Many a times it hangs and does not work until the Windows key is pressed repeatedly.
Upgrade to 10 has worsened the situation and now it works slower than ever.
I have tried several fixes like ensuring all cores are working, enabling "performance mode" and defragment. I have also deleted bloatware that came from the manufacturer.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.