Laptop without creepy keyboard


Nov 10, 2014
Hi all,

I'm a brogrammer in search for a new laptop.
Lenovo is not an option anymore since they have destroyed their keyboard layout.

I want a normal desktop keyboard layout on a notebook. no separate number blocks. insert delete pos 1 end page up and page down in a 2*3 grid layout on the top right.

Price is not so much important. Have always bought 3k+ $ Lenovo laptops.
Nvidia graphics card only.
>10 GB Ram.
SSD only.

Dimensions of notebook is irrelevant. 14" Screen upwards would be nice.

Anyone has any suggestions?
Don't think there are many (if any) laptops with a legit, full sized desktop keyboard in that layout. It would end up being like a 17"+ laptop at least. Might be easier to just connect an external keyboard to it.