Laptop Won't Boot, Fans Run, Bios Access, Lights On


Jan 6, 2015
Hey guys,
So, my ASUS K55N is on its last legs. Buuut, it's past warranty and I'm broke so I wanna try to fix it.

So basically, the screen is messed up and has been. Opened it one day and half the screen was black.

The other day it got worse so I've been using an external monitor. Also the keyboard and mouse decided to crap out so I've been using externals for those too.

Now, when I try to boot it up it won't let me use the external monitor, the external mouse and keyboard will not work but I can hear the fans running, pretty strongly in fact.

The lights for the HDD and everything is on, and if I continually press F2 on the keyboard I can get into BIOS. I've tried rebooting from BIOS (at least, from what I can tell since I can see nothing but lines changing colors on the screen), still the same result.

unplugging everything, removing the battery, then holding the power button for a minute or so then booting through AC power.

Still nothing. No image on the external monitor, tried using the function keys to switch, still nothing.

But strangely enough I can charge my phone on it.

Any help?
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