Laptop won't connect to tv - bout to smash it - Please Help!


Jan 1, 2014
Hi Guys and Happy New Year.

My issue is pretty frustrating and it pi$$es me off more because I'm pretty tech savy....Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

Alright I have and older flat screen for 7 or so years ago Funai/Sylvania and have a brand new LG from a week ago..

When I connect my laptop via hdmi to the new LG it works perfect.... When I connect it to the old Funai nothing happens.. It doesn't recognize it, nothing at all....

Heres where it gets a bit weird... My older laptop was a HP and for a good 4 years it worked perfectly on the Funai tv....

Right now as a type xbox 360, ps3 and ps one all work perfectly via HDMI on the Funai tv... Just not my new stupid Toshiba Satalitte Laptop.

But the laptop works fine on the new LG....


I've updated the drivers,.... I've changed the resolution settings on the computer but still nothing....


I'm really at a lose as the laptop works on the new tv but not on the old Funai... I know it's not an issue with the Funai HDMI cause xbox, ps3 work perfectly via HDMI...

Any Ideas?

what resolution is the tv?

some televisions can be tempermental if you try to display a non-native resolution on them.

i know i've had issues in the past (mostly when i was using a 1080p tv and a 1600x1200 monitor in a dual-monitor setup) and if the pc was sending the wrong resolution my tv would black-screen (like if i swapped the cables around for some reason).

anyways... just a thought.