Laptop won't power up with AC plugged but is ok with battery


Sep 2, 2015
Hello everyone.
I have a K55VD laptop. there been a short in my power supply wire that seem to broke the power supply on the motherboard.
When battery plugged, it show "charging" in windows but it doesn't really charge. battery whet down to 0% and black screen. i've been able to reboot for few seconds but now nothing as the battery is fully drained i guess.

I repaired my power supply cable and it is providing a little more then the 19V required. So this is ok.

But when plugged, it won't power up.

Battery won't charge. I don't see any fuse on the motherboard.
I need some help to find the problem and may be fix it if possible as i don't want to pay 250$ plus shipping to replace the motherboard.
I tried to check and didn't see any fuse :(i can see that the voltage is reaching the motherboard connector but that's it...

Thank you


Have you tried removing the battery and plugging it in just with the AC adapter? Once it's on put the battery back in and see if it will charge properly. The problem could just be with the battery were it's not charging as you mentioned if the laptop turns on just with the AC Adapter but if not it's actually is the AC adapter.


Sep 2, 2015
is there anyone with enough knowledge that could help me identified the problem and fix it if possibe?And is there a place where i could find the schematic of this motherboard?
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