Question Laptop won't switch to battery power


Dec 28, 2018
I have an Inspiron 7568. I recently had a water spill accident on the keyboard. The laptop immediately switched off. I then took out the back panel and removed the battery, hard disk, etc, and let the laptop air dry for a day. After that, the laptop turned on again and worked normally except for one issue. When I unplug the laptop, it no longer switches to battery power - it just turns off. I have already checked the battery health - it is excellent and currently holds >75% charge. The laptop detects when the battery is taken out or plugged in. I have tried the usual solutions like taking the battery out and pressing the power button on for 30 seconds, etc. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Although the laptop works well with AC power, it is annoying because if the charging cable accidentally becomes loose, the laptop loses power. Thank you, any help is appreciated. !

Saurabh jha

Jul 8, 2020
I am also gone with same experience the ac adapter has a light on it but when it is inserted to the laptop's socket, the light goes out and laptop does not turn on.
I tried to remove the battery and press the power button for around 30 secs, to release the charge they say, and put it back and press on. still, no signal of life for my laptop.
so i went to a service center, though they don't provide service, the good guy employee tried to fix it. he open it and test everything.
he concluded that the main problem is the motherboard. so please go to service center for check up.
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