Question Laptop won't turn on, fully charged but no LED light

Jun 26, 2019
I have an ASUS F541uv-56a92cb3. I've had it for three years, with some heating problems, the fan would usually make really loud and weird noises, even with light usage.
Yesterday it turned off while I was just watching YouTube. I heard a beep when it shut down, like the one there is when you force the laptop to power off. The battery was fully charged, the AC was plugged in but the outlet extension was off. I received no warning for low battery or anything. After it turned off, the LED light for the battery wouldn't come on after I turned the outlet on. I tried pressing the power button for several seconds with the AC both on and off. Nothing happened.

I took it to a tech store, they noticed the power plug on the laptop was very slightly melted around it. And a very strong burnt smell. They ruled out the AC cause it was working fine, and said that it could either be the PSU or the motherboard.

I wanna prepare my mind (lol) and my pocket for what I'll have to pay, either to fix it or to buy a new laptop and I was wondering what are the possibilities of it being just the PSU (knowing that I had a full battery) over having fried the motherboard.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and patience.
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