Question Latent Ghosting Defects on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Sep 26, 2020
There seem to be several latent defects in the Samsung Galaxy S7.
  1. Ghosting - a green/grey "ribbon" at the lower end of the screen, terminating in a totally blacked-out screen with a blue LED showing. many users seem to have reported this and my own died that way.
  2. The screen was also over-sensitive, worsened by the blue light filter
  3. Slow charging
  4. Weak signal reception on LTE and wireless
  5. Bluetooth connectivity erratic on Windows 10 Pro but perfect on Linux, on the same laptop
There is NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE but Samsung emailed me that they don't repair physical damage and lost interest. I took the phone in to their technician in February 2020, as that is when the ghosting started. He wasn't even interested in looking and didn't book the phone in. I am disabled and it was a challenge to get to his storefront; I would have expected more integrity from Samsung. Samsung wanted to call me on my dead phone.............