Lenovo 20DQ, Thinkpad Yoga 15. Graphics Card support


Feb 17, 2016
Lenovo 20DQ001MUS comes with Nvidia 840M graphics card, but my DXDiag and userbenchmark show display as Intel HD 5500, and DXDiag shows Nvidia as render only device.

I didn't check before upgrading to Windows 10 to see if it worked on Windows 8.1, since I was eligible for the upgrade as soon as I got my laptop brand new. I've looked on Lenovo support. I've downloaded all kinds of drivers from Windows, NVidia, and Lenovo, to the point of completely deleting them and redownloading them. Uninstalled and disabled both, tried with Intel disabled, but that reverts to Windows basic graphics driver (didn't even know that existed!).

I feel like I've tried everything. Including disabling secure boot and working in cmd with the whole testsignon on stuff. I've gone into BIOS, but Nvidia doesn't even show up in BIOS. But Lenovo won't help me since it's a "Software" issue and I didn't purchase the software protection package or pay the $65 fee for one time software support.

Phillip Corcoran

In common with many laptops today, yours has auto-switching dual graphics.

Intel HD GPU is used as default for Windows, all Windows tasks, and when running non-demanding apps. Uses less battery power than the Nvidia GPU.

Laptop switches to Nvidia GPU automatically for games & other graphics-intensive apps, provided you configure each game & app to use Nvidia high performance graphics.

You do that either from the context-menu on right-clicking a game or an app, or by use of Nvidia Control Panel, in the 3D section. Either method, once a game or app is configured to use the Nvidia GPU, it "sticks" across all future Windows sessions.
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