Lenovo G50-45 laptop charging & powering on problems

Jul 16, 2018
I have a Lenovo G50-45 laptop (AMD) which is around three years old. I used it yesterday evening and shut it down. Today when I turned it on the following happened:

The battery was not charging.
I tried charging with another Lenovo charger of the same spec but the battery was still not charging.
The battery ran out of charge and the system shut down
I pulled out the battery and tried all the useless charge-flushing things but nothing worked, as always.
The system powers on and works as usual with the battery pulled out and connected to AC mains.
The system does not work with the battery put in and connected to AC mains or not.
When I press the power button With the battery in, the LED blinks orange three times.

Could anyone throw some light on what the issue might be? Should I replace the battery?



Sep 4, 2016
Hello, vadakkus.

It has been a few years, so I hope you have already resolved your situation.

In any case, for anyone else coming across this situation, it is IMPORTANT to note that the LED BLINKING is a way to communicate any issues to the end-user in a DIAGNOSTIC fashion. The 3 blinks of the LED do, indeed, indicate a problem with the Battery.
This is only supported by the FACT that, without the battery, the laptop will run perfectly fine with just the AC adaptor -- that is to say: the LAPTOP is working "fine"; the BATTERY is the issue.

There are a few reasons why a battery would be DETECTED by the laptop as "faulty".
One quick thing to look at are the CONTACTS -- both on the Battery, and where it would contact the Laptop's battery compartment.
Sometimes, if there is any little bit of corrosion or oxidation, it can often be enough to CAREFULLY remove (rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip, or a small flat-head screwdriver, GENTLY!) the offending extra material, in order to restore a bright, reflective-looking CONTACT SURFACE which would CONDUCT ELETRICITY, as is intended.
*** This is NOT a guarantee of success, and I bear NO responsibility if you choose to explore this method and damage your own laptop! ***
I have, in the past, "scratched" contact surfaces to restore conductibility with my own success. For me, it is important to remember to be GENTLE, so a to minimise any chance of damage, while still removing any offending material.. and NOT breaking off any contact!

Another thing you can do to check -- get some LIGHT COLOURED TISSUE or TOILET PAPER flat in your hand. Grip the battery with your "tissue-hand" and look for any DAMP spot on the tissue. If you find any damp spot:
(2) Your battery has a PUNCTURE damage or other LEAK, which is chemically dangerous -- this can also ruin your laptop, and anything else that typical battery acid would damage. THROW AWAY THE BATTERY (responsibly)!

If this is your problem, you will have NO choice but to order a replacement battery.

IF the prior suggestion of checking / refreshing the contacts does NOT help you, replace the battery.
DO NOT BE CHEAP -- don't get "fake" brand substitute replacements -- your laptop is not worth that trouble!

If you find that a battery will be too expensive for you, forgo the portability and use your laptop with the AC adaptor until you can afford to buy a newer / better -- refurbished / 2nd hand! -- laptop.

Jul 16, 2018

Thanks for the reply. Yes, restarted Windows (7) quite a number of times.

Should I first check if there is a fault with the board before ordering a new battery?



Sep 4, 2016
You answered your own question in your original Question! :D
"The system powers on and works as usual with the battery pulled out and connected to AC mains."

This means that there is NO NEED to "first check if there is a fault with the board". ;)
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