Lenovo G50-45 performance in games problem


Sep 26, 2015
I bought brand new laptop , a mounth ago... Its Lenovo g50-45 :
-CPU : AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
-Ram : 4GB (3.56) useable
Motherboard: LENOVO Lancer 5B2
Graphics : AMD Radeon R4 Graphics (2034MB)
1TB hard
so I have a problem, that is: I tried to play League of Legends and my fps was in begining of game 60 for a 2 minutes of playing and then going down for a 35 FPS ,and I changed quality from High (shadows OFF)to medium, and then 35-47fps again,then I set everything on vary low , same.. 35-50fps. I search system requirements and it told me that my laptop should run this game on 60fps easy. So I tried to install other games and every game I play I have 35-45 fps... ( CS:Go, Grid... many of them) i dont know how is possible that I have same fps on high quality and low...power plan is high performance.

http://i.imgur.com/DFg1xfp.png?1 -maybe is overheat?!

i think that something drain his performance to increse battery life. ( I think )
Guys help please.
I want to refund this laptop cause Im dissapointed to the lenovo laptops.
Pc. sry for bad english.. :)
Thanks in advice

First try to uninstall/reinstall the graphics card driver.
- Uninstall the graphics card driver from Device Manager and in Programs and Features as well since it should have something related to AMD in there as well.
- Once uninstalled download and install the latest driver from AMD support site.
- Here's the link: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download
- Use the Auto Detect feature so they could give you the latest and accurate driver for your graphics card.
- Lastly reboot it once the latest driver has been installed.

If doesn't solve the problem overheating might be the cause and opening the laptop the cleaning and reapplying a new thermal paste might be necessary.


Sep 26, 2015

what do you mean when you say wall power?
and how to check this?



Wall power = power plug plugged in, not just on battery.