Question Lenovo Ideapad 310 (310-15ABR) turns on but no post, fan spins, shy display


Feb 4, 2023
Before opening a new thread I'll try to use this one.
LAPTOP: Lenovo Ideapad 310 (310-15ABR)
ISSUE: by turning on the laptop the fan spins but no post, no boot and the screen is "trying to turn on"
EXPLANATION: this laptop was found in the trash so I have no idea what happened with the old owner, I guess was trashed for what I'm experiencing right now; by plugging the power supply, the charging LED turns on.
By turning on the laptop, it turns on but the only thing I see and hear is the spinning fan and the display that is trying to turn on without backlight (I have to put a light source right on the screen to see some sort of very dimmed lines showing up for a split second before the screen turns back off (then going in loop again and again) while the fan keep spinning without interruption.
What I did:
Using different power supply.
Installing an SSD (the laptop was found without any drive)
Resetting the CMOS by unplugging everything from inside, battery and PSU, holding the PW button for minutes.
Removing the RAM, at leas the one that is removable (this laptop have 8GB that is soldered on the motherboard + removable 4GB).
Using the "NOVO" hidden reset button (located between the Audio Jack IN and the SD Card Reader).
Fully charged the battery and then turned on without the PSU plugged in.
Powered on without the battery plugged in.
Plugged and external monitor to see if the issue was the integrated display.

Any idea if I'm missing something ?
I can try to use a tester, I have the tools, but I'm not that skilled with electronics, I can follow some instructions tho.
I think the answer of the issue may be related to the "flickering" screen.
Pic of the motherboard:
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