Question Lenovo MTK M7 consumes way too much battery


Jan 10, 2021
This is the android tablet I have: its a tiny with small screen 4 cores and 7inch. I did spend weeks with this now to fix this annoying battery drain issue. Things I tried:

-Factory reset
-enable/disable battery saver/data saver
-reduced brightness to zero which can't even see anything now, its also have that EXTREMELY annoying auto dim/auto brightness thing, impossible to disable.
-closed background apps
-turned off auto rotate
-turned off auto sync
-turned off google contacts sync.
-turned off location services

I don't know what else ı can do, tablet drains like %2 in every 6-7 minutes, it is real bad.

Also its impossible to clear the cache on this specific tablet, did every single button combination, it wont let me to enter safe mode, its just stucks something else called bottom left corner.

This tablet have 3500mAh battery, even switching navigating between windows and apps consumes way too quickly. Spending some little time on main settings menu consumes %1 percent.
I also did disabled animations and also reduced them, it actually did worse.

YouTube app is also disabled by default and cannot be used for some reason.

It uses Android 9 Pie Go Edition, what else I can do to fix this battery drain problem?
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