Lenovo thinkpad T500 Win7 64Bit Bluetooth device drivers problems - please help


Oct 24, 2015
For quite some time now I've been having problems with Bluetooth (BT) devices on my T500 Win7 64 bit with devices ranging from like my older Nokia C2-01 mobile phone to my new UE ROLL 360 wireless speakers. at this stage the BT icon appeared correctly upon startup and in the device manager there where no errors, whereas the BT devices were identified as:
a. Thinkpad bluetooth with Enhanced Date Rate II
b. Microsoft Bluetooth data Enumerator

So from googling I figured all those BT problems might be caused by improper driver installations of BT related devices, which led to the use of the Microsoft enumerator instead of the actual needed devices.

So I uninstalled it specifically, and was left with an unknown device, with the detail value of:

From here on everything only got worse :-(

I've reckoned that in order to fix this I should just downloaded the latest official Lenovo driver from:
http://support.lenovo.com/il/en/downloads/ds013631 (Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II released 21/2/2014).

After installation (and required reboot), I was now stuck with an unknown device, with the following 2 details value strings:

From googling this I've realized it's related to the Broadcom Bluetooth driver.
So I've downloaded the latest official Broadcom Bluetooth driver from:
https://www.broadcom.com/support/bluetooth (WIDCOMM® Bluetooth Windows® Software for Windows 7 and Vista, 64-Bit released 04/08/2016).
After this installation (and the necessary reboot), the unknown device was still marked as having a problem, but it was also recognized as:
Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Date Rate II, with error code 1 status of: "The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance".

Then I tried to install again the Lenovo driver, but now it refused to install by the pretense of a newer BT device already installed.
Well, so at this point I've tried to uninstall all the BT devices and later on also the Broadcom s/w (from the add/remove program menu). after that I was able to install the Lenovo driver again.

But now I got back to square one with the identified device, and no Bluetooth section in the device manager nor an icon upon startup.

I'm lost. How do I fix all those driver issues and get this freakin BT to work properly?

Please help, I'm desperate :-(

Thanks in advance!
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