Lenovo U430p display goes completely dark when I unplug A/C


Nov 15, 2015
Hi there, my laptop is only ten days old and I started experiencing this issue around a week ago.

I'm running Windows 8.1 (Ugh). Whenever I unplug my laptop the screen goes dark but the backlight is still on. Absolutely no combination of keyboard keys will rouse it from this state apart from Onekey recovery. The machine doesn't shut down and all the lights are still on. Once I plug it back in the screen returns and the laptop continues running as it was. I did notice that before I had signed into Windows, I unplugged the cord and the screen dimmed like normal instead of turning off. However issue exists again after sign in.

I have already tried...

*System Restore
*Reinstalled all updates twice (before/after restore)
*Updated and reinstalled all of my drivers (including energy management & its software is also up to date)
*Changed power / graphic settings
*Brightness is at 100% for each plan and settings. Display turn off/sleep will not happen on any setting until after 5+minutes.

I can't take the battery out and I'm not finding anything overly helpful online. Really don't know what else to do. I'm a bit lost.