Lenovo Worth Upgrading For Streaming?


Jun 3, 2015
Hi guys,

So I have an older Lenovo Thnkpad E535.


OS: Windows 7 Pro
AMD A-4 4300M with Radeon HD graphics 2.5GHz

Aside from a couple of minor issues I have with it, it works for 85% of the things I need it for. However, I've recently gotten into streaming and recording my PS4 gaming. I'll save you a long story, but I was using a newer laptop that I have for that since it had better specs....I attempted to use the Lenovo for recording with a Hauupage 2 PVR and it would record, but as far as streaming went, it would only run for about a minute before freezing.

Unfortunately buying a more powerful computer is not in the budget right now, and my wife needs the newer laptop for work. My question is, what would I need to upgrade to be able to stream with this laptop? I'm thinking, RAM? Graphics card? Can I even upgrade these enough?

Side notes:

-My internet connection is more than suitable as I subscribe to the second highest package that my cable company offers. Really good UL and DL speeds from multiple speed tests.

-I'm not looking to have a insane frame rate with the stream....just make it enjoyable....not super high resolution, or super insane sound quality.

Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks!



You can upgrade the RAM but not the video card or CPU. It should not really freeze during streaming though, but it is a lower end CPU. Ram should be cheap enough to upgrade that you can try that. Before you buy the RAM make sure you have a free slot for it, otherwise you will need to replace all of it instead of just buying another 4 gig stick.