Lenovo X60 tablet get over heat after installing windows 8 and battery couldnt charge or work


Dec 7, 2014
Laptop x 60 get over heat and smoke from the fan appear , I pulled out the battery when i see smoke and repleace windows 8 with windows 7, the smoke come after I check battery optoin on windows 8 for life time spanning, then now its working on windows 7 only on AC , battery cannot charge, I bought new one same and another new battery is the same nothing change, I belive there is a problem in the charging circuit, because it charge only 0 % on linux and also the yellow led is blinking for the battery led
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When smoke first appeared from the unit, you should have done anything other than turn it back on. Smoke us never a good sign from electronics and any time you see it from a computing device your first response should always be to unplug the device and seek professional repair. Could be a simple repair if addressed right away while each later attempt simply compounds issues making repair more difficult
I will suggest seeking a professional repair facility here, you may still be looking at a simple repair (no way to tell here) but I will highly suggest you do not attempt to power it on again
Afterthought, had this tablet been disassembled prior to the overheating/smoke event?