Oct 6, 2014
Hello Helping peoples,
My Name is Amir, i am a Graphic designer, and i have a laptop "Lenovo y50 70 , Model Number : 20378"
i am working on this laptop since 1 year, and it worked Fab for me, unfortunately Now i am having problem with battery life :(
when its charged 100% it gives only 50 - 60 minutes backup, this problem i am facing from last week, i think my battery life is going to end,
before it gives backup of 3-4 hours.
i use my laptop 12-15 hours daily, and i will say its my mistake i was never shutdown my laptop, i always put it on "Sleep" instead of shutting it down, i know this is the problem my battery life is not good now.
here are the information i can find about my battery

Battery:Battery Information
Battery ID 41167LENOVO PABAS0241231
Manufacturer LENOVO
Serial Number 41167
Chemistry Li-I
Long Term 1
Design Capacity 54760
Last Full Charge 40860

So my question is, i want to replace my battery but i don't know which battery i should buy, i am not familiar with this thing, like battery with how much mah will work good with this laptoo,
can anyone look into it for me please, i will really thankful to you
Hope to hear your answers,
thanks in Advance