Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS problem?!?

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Nov 16, 2015
Well I have a Lenovo Y50-70 and I recently updated my gpu to the new nvidia drivers, but after the install Windows would recognize my gpu as installed but would not utilize it and instead used the Intel graphics. So I read online that I need to go into BIOS and disable the Intel graphics so the nvidia card would be the primary gpu. I rebooted, went into BIOS, and changed what I read. After I clicked F10 to save and reboot, my PC now restarts like it normally does but without sending a video signal to my screen. My screen never turns on and I can't see anything to change back what I did. I already tried several different methods I found online, such as unplugging the CMOS battery, unplugging battery and holding power button for 20 seconds, etc.

Does anyone know another method to reset my BIOS to default so Intel graphics are turned back on, or am I going to have to bite the bullet and send it in for repairs?

Any advice/Help is appreciated,

I would actually suggest to do what you've already tried by reseating the CMOS battery because that should surely set BIOS into default. Give it another go, but this time take the CMOS battery out for couple of minutes. Put everything back together and see if it would reset BIOS to default and boot up. If this doesn't work try hooking up an external monitor in your laptop hoping that the graphics card is active without the integrated card. If you'll see any display coming out of the external monitor then you're in luck you can reset BIOS into it's default settings from there.
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