Lenovo y50-70 crashes while/after installing Intel HD 4600 graphics drivers


Apr 11, 2017
Hi there. So long storry short. I've had some trouble with my pc being super slow, so I went to Lenovo authorised fix center and they had replaced motherboard. Unfortunately, since then I cannot use my computer properly anymore. Everytime I try to install Intel HD 4600 drivers, my pc either crashes while installing drivers or later on with a pop sound. I went back to them and they tested everything and couldn't find what's wrong.
Moreover, I have tried quite a lot of different versions of Intel drivers. I've tried ones which was provided with laptop, from lenovo support center as well, then I've tried various generic drivers from Intel site (tried to install automatically, manually, in the safe mode, reiinstalling windows 8.1, updating chipset drivers and so on (even flashing bios to 3.0V 2.1v 1.13v)), but none of them work. Or if they do, then they would crash when I connect external monitor or while playing video games such as lol. I would think its a heat issue, because my keyboard becomes very hot, but I am monitoring laptop's temperatures and it doesnt go above 70 celsius. As well, heat wouldn't explain why pc crashes right after driver installation while doing nothing with it. However, without intel hd graphics drivers computer works fine, haven't crashed even once. Although, without intel hd drivers I cannot play any video games. Can someone suggest me what should i do in such situation? Thanks in advance!

CPU Intel core i5-4210H 2.90GHz
Ram 8GB
GPU Intel HD 4600 and Geforce GTX 960M
Windows 8.1

And in event viewer after pc crashing I only get these two events :
1. event ID 6008 The previous system shutdown at 12:23:33 AM on ‎4/‎12/‎2017 was unexpected.
2. event ID 41 The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Is there anything else I could provide you with?
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