Lenovo y50 screen turns off while using

Sep 12, 2017

I'm using my lenovo y50 laptop and from time to time (sometimes too often) the screen just turns black. If I put the laptop to sleep and turn it back on again, it will work for some time (sometimes 2, sometimes 15mins). However, if I play games, then it only might turn off in the first 2 or so minutes, after that I can be playing for hours and the screen won't ever turn off, which leads me to believe that this is a problem with the integrated graphics.

Also, when the screen turns black, I can still see that the lights surrounding the monitor are still on.

Any ideas/suggestions? Is there a way to try and force nvidia graphics card to be the default one, even if I'm not playing games?

UPDATE: I disabled Intel (HD) Graphics, but the problem persists
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