Lenovo y500 overheating problem


Nov 6, 2014
I assume this topic after spending a few hours to find a solution. I hope that I can find here professional information on my laptop before I give money to the service (perhaps unnecessarily) i have few questions

1. I have the impression that the GPU temperature is too high, the card without any load is over 80 C is this normal? what should be the correct temperature?

2. At full load, the temperature exceeds 90 ° C reaches 95 C max, should I worry about my attention a second card consumption GT650E m around 60% is this normal when SLI or rather both cards should work at 100%?

3. I noticed that during the game, for example, in Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor during the game FPS'y sniff at around 30 but after going to the Windows and return to the game FPS increases to ~ 50 at some time later again to fall to 30, whether this is due overheating?
4. and last question, what might be causing this situation? whether it is necessary to visit a technician, replacement of cooling paste, may be the option there any other solution, I would ask for help and to dispel my doubts?


Apr 1, 2013
well a good cleaning, then replacing of thermal paste is a good idea. (suggest let the laptop tech do it for you at least if anything goes wrong he's responsible for it)