Lenovo Y580 16gb SSD mSATA+1TB HDD On Windows 8 64-bit


Jan 10, 2013
I just bought a Lenovo Y580 16SSD+HDD pre-installed Windows 8 Laptop. It comes with the "One Key Recovey 8" back up software (Which I believe Doeasn't do Partition Imaging Back ups for your partition). I have a factory Image on my HDD and some partitions that I don't recognize (On SSD and HDD stock). My question is, how do i get the factory image and save it somewhere else without messing up the partitions? (saving the stock SSD mSATA+HDD for warranty) I'm planing on upgrading to 128GB mSATA+(old 256gb SSD) configuration. Do I just put the hardwares inside and just restore a Factory image on the new SSD mSATA+SSD configuration? If so, what softwares do I need to do this? I want the "One Key Recovery 8" to still work on the New mSATA+SSD configuration. Thanks!!!

P.S. Bonus Question:
If i want SSD configuration only, how do I turn the SSD mSATA caching feature "OFF" and just restore the factory image to the SSD? So this would be (xx (no mSATA)+SSD Only) and restore factory image on SSD hdd.