Question Lenovo Y70-70 Touch Screen Flickering

Apr 7, 2020
I've been experiencing screen flickering(screen goes on and off for 1 second and occasionally I get green and pink/purple lines accross the screen.) on my Laptop Lenovo Y70-70 Touch for about 3 years. I've tried literally everything I could find in the internet to fix this issue.
This is a video of the flickering(0.19 seconds when he opens Google Chrome):

  1. BIOS update (as it was given in the Lenovo website)
  2. Intel HD Graphics 4600 driver updates
  3. NVidia GeForce GTX 960M driver updates
  4. Windows updates
  5. Windows Factory Reset
When I'm watching a Youtube video or Gaming (CS:GO or GTA 5 mainly) and my laptop is plugged in the charger it flickers a lot(After maybe an hour or two playing the same game it settles down and doesn't flicker that much but when I change the game it starts flickering again like crazy).
When Its not plugged in the charger it doesn't flicker as much even if I'm gaming or watching a youtube video.
I've tried connecting it to an external monitor to see if the flickering occurs in the external monitor as well and it doesn't. Its only on the laptop screen.
I've found out that if I lower the "Maximum processor state" percentage(around 50-60%) in the power options it reduces the flickering a lot when I'm gaming even if my laptop is plugged in the charger, but then my FPS drops a lot.
If I put the "Maximum processor state" at 100% it flickers so bad when I'm gaming that I cannot see anything.
Today I tried disabling the Intel HD Graphics from the Device Manager with
"Maximum processor state" at 70% and didn't flicker at all when I played a few youtube videos. When I put 100% at the "Maximum processor state" with the Intel HD Graphics Disabled the flickering returned.
Also when I started a game(GTA 5) with Intel HD Graphics Disabled and "Maximum processor state" at 70% the flickering came back & I had 1-2FPS in the game(which is understandable).
If you have any other software tips or solutions I could try I'll appreciate them.
I'm pretty sure its a hardware problem now.. Please help me and If you could tell me what hardware part could be causing this problem.
Thank you in advance.
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